Here's what our VMS family has to say..

VMS Dance Studio has a really great balanced approach to teaching dance. The students are all ages and skill levels, and yet the teachers have a wonderful way of finding the potential in each individual and then helping them reach it. Lessons are fun but dancers are still pushed to develop. And the end of year concert is always enjoyable - for the dancers and the spectators! This is a dance studio that promotes dance as being for fun, fitness, and for personal growth, and one that truly cares about each dancer. As a parent of a dance student I would highly recommend Vital Movement Studios.
— Jenny B
I have danced with VMS since I was young and I love it here. I have gained so much from dancing at this studio. I have gained confidence as my teachers, Vanessa and Donna, always help me to reach my full potential and challenge me to do even better. I have made friends and grown a passion for dance!
— Alexis 14 yrs
VMS has become more than just dance for us. It’s a happy, fun, welcoming studio that creates friendships and memories. My children (4 and 6) are into their fourth year of dance, and are asking for more. I’m dancing now too, and wouldn’t look back! I highly recommend this wonderful, family run business.
— Amanda S
It’s good because you can do fun dancing. I like the bars to hold and point my toes. I like Miss Donna and Miss Vanessa because they are nice and teach me good dancing. Dancing is fun!
— Jasmine 4 yrs
VMS what can I say..? I love the new studio! My daughter has been a student of VMS for several years now and loves every minute of it. I have seen her grow in confidence over the time she has been at the studio and she is always tapping and dancing even when not in class. The teachers are fantastic and always very positive and approachable. The concerts WOW! each year they get bigger and better, and I can’t wait for this years!
— Ros R
Vital Movement Studios has been an important part of my life for many years and I wouldn’t have been able to improve on a weekly basis without the help of Miss Vanessa. We are all one big family who encourages and supports one another!
— Shauna 19
I have had the pleasure of being involved with Vital Movement Studios for a number of years as a parent. I would like to say that the studio is run with complete professionalism, while maintaining an extremely high standard. Whilst students are learning, it’s visible that it’s also fun and they are given the time and patience to learn at their own pace. Vanessa, Donna and all the teachers conduct themselves in a manner in which they should be commended for.

The concert at the end of the year highlights not only how much the students have learnt and achieved, but what’s clearly evident is the smiles that tell you that they are having fun. It’s a night of entertainment for all ages in the audience. I would recommend Vital Movement Studios to anyone who has a child of any age, regardless of their experience, who has a love of dance and wants to be part of an amazing studio. Give Vital Movement Studios a go and you will become a much welcomed part of the team!
— Julie M