Dance Classes



Jazz ballet is a fun, energetic style that teaches students technique including posture, flexibility, balance, strength and much more. In Jazz class they will learn choreography to different pieces of music ranging from today’s recent hits to Broadway musicals. Students will also learn singing and drama to improve their performance skills. 

Jazz is a great place for little ones to start. It will assist greatly with the development of their co-ordination, balance and social skills. With our fun class structure we encourage self-expression through movement, music and play. 

It is suitable for students aged 2+.





Tap dance classes are high energy and great for fitness and toning. Tap dancing teaches rhythm, musicality and showmanship, as students learn a variety of different styles. From waltz, cha cha and foxtrot to the hard hitting street tap, it is a great way to get fit as you’ll be having so much fun it won’t even feel like exercise!

Our adult tap class on Thursday is suited for beginner/intermediate students as we can give a variety of different options based on skill level and any injuries or physical limitations. Tap is a great skill to learn as an adult as it challenges you to think and move in a totally different way, so you will also work up a nice mental sweat too! 

It is suitable for students aged 4+.





Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. It teaches poise, grace and correct posture as well as breaking down the mechanics of movement. Students will improve in their flexibility, strength, timing, body awareness and creativity.

Ballet students will learn a variety of styles including Classical Ballet, Neo-Classical and National Character dances. Ballet is an ideal place to start for beginner students of all ages. We also highly recommend ballet as a must for young dancers to include in their schedule as it is highly beneficial, especially in today’s modern world, to the health of young growing bodies.

It is suitable for students aged 2+.





Hip hop is a modern style of dance that you would see on the latest film clips and dance shows. It is a highly creative style that can range from old school funk, to break dancing, crumping, whacking and much more. It encourages individual style and flair with an importance placed on musicality and performance.

Our hip hop classes are high energy and enjoyed by students of all ages. You will be learning fresh and exciting choreography each week. 

It is suitable for students aged 5+.






Contemporary dance draws on ballet technique but it is a freer form of movement where the possibilities are endless. It can range from soft, lyrical pieces to highly emotional dances with strong themes. It allows for a lot of creativity and encourages improvisation and dramatisation.

Contemporary is a popular style for teenagers and young adults as it takes the skills they have already learnt to another level. In contemporary classes students will be practicing their improvisation skills and learning to let go of inhibitions and express themselves freely through movement.  

Minimum age 8 yrs and will depend on previous dance experience.





Don’t know what a plie is? Don’t worry you're not alone…….!  These classes are designed for anyone - no ballet experience is required and there are always ways to modify exercises, so anyone can do this low-impact class and see results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 75, if you’re a turbo athlete or you haven’t worked out in years, if you have back pain or a knee injury, if you’re pregnant or just had a baby. No matter who you are, this will help improve your pos­ture, flex­i­bil­ity and bal­ance, build strength, and tone your entire bodyBest of all though it’s fun!”

The moves are based on a combination of pilates, yoga and strength training with a focus on high repetition, small pulsing and isometric movements with the goal of building a lean and strong body.

Minimum age 12 yrs





All ballet students 11 years and over are welcome to participate in Pointe classes. Students must however pass a Pre-Pointe assessment before they will be allowed on full pointe to ensure their safety. For more information please see you ballet teacher. 

Minimum age 11 yrs








In Acrobatics classes students will learn elements of acrodance, gymnastics, jazz, and basic tumbling and contortion. From forward rolls, cartwheels and splits to more advanced elements such as walkovers, aerials and partner work. 

The Acrobatics Arts syllabus focuses on body conditioning, flexibility, stamina and technique. Safe dance practices are followed to ensure students' safety and controlled progress as they advance through the levels. 

Acrobatics is becoming an essential part of a dancers repertoire. The skills and techniques learnt in Acrobatics are beneficial to all dancers, but will compliment and greatly improve student's who currently train in Jazz and Contemporary. Some previous dance experience is recommended, however not mandatory. 

Minimum age 5 yrs
*4yr olds accepted based on trial assessment class* 



Based on a variety of Latin Dance and World Dance styles, Zumba is a dance fitness class guaranteed to make you move!

Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00am

Zumba Fitness
Saturday 12:30 - 1:30pm
Suitable for all levels

For further details contact Emma
ph. 0422 933 321
Facebook: Zumba Fitness with Emma

Zumba STRONG $15 casual visit, the second class is FREE
$65 for a 5 class pass or
$100 for a 10 class pass.

ZUMBA $15 casual visit or
$100 for a 10 class pass.